Motion Sickness

Motion sickness happens when the brain receives mixed messages. Visual messages from the eyes tell the brain that the immediate surroundings are stationary, but a delicate balancing organ in the ear tells the brain that you are moving. This conflicting information triggers the sick feeling that we associate with motion sickness. Motion sickness usually happens during travels by car, boat or plane.

Motion Sickness Treatments from My Private Pharmacist

  • Kwells Kids

    • Contains Hyoscine 150 microgram

    • For children over 4 years

    • Give 30min before travel

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  • Kwells Adult

    • Contains Hyoscine

    • Best treatment for motion sickness

    • Take 30 min before travel

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  • Scopoderm (Hyoscine) Patch

    • Suitable for children over 10 years and adults

    • Apply behind ear 5–6 hours before journey

    • One patch lasts 72 hours

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